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Curtain Cleaning Takes Place On-Site At Your Premise

Dirty curtains are hard to hide. All it takes is for your adorable toddler to place their messy hands on your curtains and they are soiled. The majority of curtain fabric is so tightly bound to keep the light out this traps dust and soiling, making it near impossible for you to remove.

Don’t Let Curtain Stains Linger

Stain removal on curtains is dependent on the time since the stain occurred; nature of the stain and that no “at home” attempt has been made to remove it. The rubber backing on ‘block out’ curtains is delicate and irreparable damage can be done trying to remove some types of stains. Also, over long sun exposure, especially on the sunny Gold Coast, the rubber backing often starts to breakdown turning a normally smooth coating into fine yellowy powder. Cleaning of the backing in this condition can compromise the effectiveness of the block out component. Unfortunately we are unable to remove mould from curtain fabrics.

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