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We Only Use The Highest Quality Pest Control Products

The Gold Coast Pest control is a specialised division of CCS. Whether you’re moving house and need pest control for your bond, or you have seen one too many cockroaches, we will get the job done to the highest industry standard. We are strong believers of pest prevention and highly recommend you have your property pest controlled on a regular basis rather than wait for the pest problem to overrun your property. All our pest control technicians are fully trained and licensed giving you the peace of mind that those annoying creepy crawlies are being taken care of using the best chemicals and methods available.

One of CCS’s pest control specialties is investigation of Bed Bugs. These pesky bugs don’t discriminate on location and can be extremely difficult to locate. Here at CCS we have the knowledge and experience to locate even the sneakiest bed bug.

Please contact the CCS office for more information.