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We Are Specialist Stain Removal Technicians

We have specialist technicians who use the most up to date stain removal equipment, chemicals and techniques to remove stains. The team at CCS have tried and tested all of our methods over many different carpet types to ensure you get the best possible outcome. We can often remove stains such as red wine, cordial, alcoholic beverages, ink, make up, oils, paints, blood, urine, rust, lipstick, coffee, tea and so many more that standard carpet cleans do not remove.

There Are Risks Associated With At-Home DIY Stain Removal

Each stain is unique and requires a professional to assess it and decide the best chemical treatment. Supermarket brand stain removers cannot give you that service and can often set your stain and pull the colour from your carpet causing permanent damage that even we, may not be able to undo. We also offer minor carpet repairs such as cigarette burns, underlay replacement and iron burns.

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