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Don’t Let Water Damage Dampen Your Mood

We’re water damage experts. We use industrial-strength carpet extraction methods and tools to guarantee that potentially damaging water is safely & effectively removed from flooded carpets. We can even save your rugs.

  1. Before the drying process can commence the excess water must be extracted from your carpets. Failure to attend to this in a timely fashion can result in your carpets giving off a nasty odour and could also lead to health damaging mould growth.
  2. At CCS we use the commercial air movers to dry the concrete slab, carpets and underlay as efficiently as possible. Moisture checks are made on a daily basis to ensure the drying process is proceeding as expected and to reposition air movers as required for maximum dry time.
  3. Where practicable the carpets are lifted to speed up the drying time therefore keeping rectification costs down as much as possible. Upon completion the carpets are re-layed by CCS.
  4. Finally treating any water staining and cleaning of the impacted carpets ensures they are left fresh and clean.

Please contact the office if you believe your water to be containing contaminants such as waste water or sewerage.

At CCS we have never lost a water damaged carpet – We will return your wet carpet to it’s condition before your water damage disaster.